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At GYMP, we aim to create not only clothing for Misters and Princesses but also to have a positive impact on the world in which they will grow up. That's why we believe it's important to minimize our ecological footprint while delivering clothing of the highest quality.


Quality is paramount at GYMP. We carefully select fabrics and materials that are not only comfortable but also durable. We believe that good clothing should be able to be passed down through generations. That's why we invest in high-quality materials.

Own workshop in Tunisia

Sustainability and ethics go hand in hand. Our commitment begins at the source, in our own workshop in Tunisia. Here, we produce our high-quality clothing while also caring for our employees. Good working conditions and fair wages are guaranteed because we believe that our clothing should not only be good for the planet but also for the people who make them. Additionally, our employees in Tunisia are picked up and dropped off at home by a bus service.

Organic cotton

For most of our T-shirts and sweaters, we use organic cotton. In addition to benefits such as strength and softness, this fabric also has the advantage that no chemicals need to be used for cultivation, which is a plus for farmers.

Biobased plastic packaging

When it comes to packaging, we opt for biobased plastic bags. This reduces our dependence on traditional plastics and contributes to lowering CO2 emissions.

Green Friday

At GYMP, we embrace sustainability not only in our products but also in our approach to shopping. That's why we don't participate in Black Friday but celebrate Green Friday in response to overconsumption and impulsive purchases.

During Green Friday and the entire weekend that follows, we take the opportunity to support a charity closely related to children. Last year, we supported Make-A-Wish, and the year before that, we supported the Children's Cancer Fund.

Giving new life to our fabric remnants

Our commitment doesn't stop at production. At GYMP, we strive to give even our remnants a new life. Fabric leftovers are not wasted; they find their way to other creatives who can make something beautiful out of them. We also ensure that clothing remnants are not destroyed. Every garment we produce has the chance to be worn. This underscores our commitment to sustainability.

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