🛒 Free shipping from 50 EUR (BE/NL/DE) 👑 More than 50 years of craftsmanship in high-quality, elegant baby and children's clothing 🇧🇪 Belgian brand

Boy Winter

Boy Winter

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Sweater Otto Sweater Otto
Sweater Otto
Sweater Carbondoux Sweater Carbondoux
Sweater Carbondoux
Coat Otto Coat Otto
Coat Otto
Scarf Izaak Scarf Izaak
Scarf Izaak
Hat Izaak
Hat Izaak
Cardigan Billy Cardigan Billy
Cardigan Billy
Sweater Billy Sweater Billy
Sweater Billy
Coat Sumi Coat Sumi
Coat Sumi
Polo Jules Polo Jules
Polo Jules
Pants Otto Pants Otto
Pants Otto
Coat Iglo Coat Iglo
Coat Iglo
Cardigan Boris Cardigan Boris
Cardigan Boris

  • Free shipping From 50 EUR (BE/NL/DE)

  • + 50 years experience in children's clothing

  • Ik koop belgisch Brussels - Flanders - Wallonia

  • Made for gorgeous young misters and princesses

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